"Angelia is a true conservative whose dedication to her community knows no bounds. As a former school board trustee, Angelia has fought to protect our conservative ideals and that’s what she’ll continue to do as a State Representative."


- Congressman Roger Williams


"Angelia is a true conservative whose dedication to her community knows no bounds. As a former school board trustee, Angelia has fought to protect our conservative ideals and that’s what she’ll continue to do as a State Representative."


- Congressman Roger Williams



"Angelia truly represents the views and values we hold dear. She’s a strong grassroots leader with deep roots in the community, and we can count on her to defend our shared conservative values in the Texas House of Representatives."


- Former Congressman Bill Flores



"I have known Angelia Orr for about 20 years; she is the kind of person we need in the Texas Legislature. Common sense, Conservative, Landowner, Christian, Business owner and family oriented. “Get er done kind of person!” I strongly recommend your support!"


- Robert L. Cervenka


"While I was sad to lose Hill and Freestone County in redistricting, I am thrilled to endorse Angelia for this newly created seat.  Angelia did an incredible job as my District Director, and I know she’ll make a terrific State Representative.  She understands issues we face in rural Texas and she’s committed to protecting rural Texas from job-killing government regulations.​"


- State Representative Cody Harris



"I am proud to endorse Angelia Orr for the newly drawn Texas House District 13. I’ve had the honor of representing Bosque County for the last seven years, and I have no doubt that Angelia will be a strong voice when it comes to securing the border, protecting private property rights, and standing up for our pro-life and pro-family values. I humbly ask the voters of Bosque County to join me in supporting Angelia in the Republican Primary.​"


- State Representative Dewayne Burns


"We need a strong conservative like Angelia Orr in the Texas House. Angelia will take every step to secure our border, stop bad government mandates, and prevent radical indoctrination in our kids' classrooms. I'm proud to endorse Angelia Orr.​"


- Republican Congressman Jake Ellzey

Daniel Yguerabide | Bosque County
Lori Primm | Bosque County
Michael Knapp | Bosque County
Juanita Miller | Bosque County – District Clerk
Will Douglas | Dallas County
John & Lydia Abney | Hill County – Farmers
Chuck & Barbara Bearden | Hill County – Rancher, Former County Chair
Oscar & Amy Castillo | Hill County – Business Owners
Larry & Kay Cole | Hill County – Retired Business Owners
Tad & Linda Duncan | Hill County – Realtor, Retired Public Educator
Lyle & Marchel Eubank | Hill County – District Clerk
Mary Lynn & Charles Bryant | Hill County
Carol & Lon Eubank | Hill County
Deanna & Ron Eubank | Hill County
Brenda & David Bartlett | Hill County
Susan & Daniel Bason | Hill County
Cami Steele | Hill County
Lea Sanders | Hill County
Jim & Janie Haddaway | Hill County – Former County Chair
Mike & Jill Hall | Hill County – Former School Board Member
Ray & Mary Mabry | Hill County – Business Owners
Claire & Rudy Matthaei | Hill County
Pam Riddle | Hill County
Sylvia & Martin Lake | Hill County
Jeannetta Green | Hill County
Kenneth David | Hill County – Former County Judge
Debra & David Scott | Hill County
Cathy & Terry Reddell | Hill County
Christi Pevehouse | Hill County
Rhonda Burkhart | Hill County – Hill County Treasurer
Jann & Bill Sutton | Hill County
Donald Maggard | Hill County
Sheila Cheek | Hill County
Amie & Thomas Cheek | Hill County
Debra & Larry Rochat | Hill County
Lanelle Jordan | Hill County

Beverly Gerke | Hill County
Art & Susan Mann | Hill County – Economic Development
Marilyn & Gregg Hill | Hill County
Tim & Kristin McGinty | Hill County – Realtor and Insurance Agent
Robert & Carole Moore | Hill County – Business Owner, Former School Board Member
Rodney & Susan Schronk | Hill County – Farmers
Karen Lochridge | Hill County
Mary & Charles Hamilton | Hill County
Noel & Bill Allen | Hill County
David Majica | Hill County
Krissi Hightower | Hill County
Jim & Kay Wells | Hill County
Stephanie & Oscar Salinas | Hill County
Stacy & Scott Hunt | Hill County
Max & Edith Omberg | Hill County
Carroll Estes | Hill County – Business Owner
Bill & Jamie Siddons | Hill County – Business owners
Andy & Karen Smith | Hill County – Business owner, former School Board Member
Susan Swilling | Hill County – Accountant
David & Ann Teel | Hill County – Realtor, Educator
Janice & Mike Sumerhill | Hill County
Matt Thomas | Hill County – Ag. Finance
Kari & David Roush | Hill County
Marianna Villegas | Hill County
Amanda & Ryan Reeves | Hill County
Annette Nors | Hill County
Sharon & Kenny Kennedy | Hill County
Jolene Lehmann | Hill County
Nikki Russell | Hill County – NR Investigations
James Andrade | Hill County
Deb & Richard Rosson | Hill County
Glenna & Danny Bodeker | Hill County
Ann Murphree | Hill County
Brenda White | Hill County
Elizabeth & Chuck Schneider | Hill County
Nicole & Michael Tanner | Hill County – Hill County Clerk

Don Tutor | Hill County – Bail Bondsman
Rodney Watson | Hill County – Sheriff
Marco & Dolores Westmoreland | Hill County – Ranchers
Marc & Sarah Young | Hill County – Business Owners
Joy Davis | Johnson County
Therea & Michael Percifield | Johnson County
Merryl Jones | McLennan County – Attorney
Cynthia Rains | McLennan County
Robert Lee & Josephine Cervenka | McLennan County – Ranchers
Joshua Tackett | Navarro – Navarro County District Clerk
Leanne Ivey | Tarrant County

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